5/8" round fingerprint necklace

$ 28.00

There are no two fingerprints that are exactly the same.  This unique necklace is sure to make the perfect personalized gift.  

  • All components of this necklace are made of stainless steel
  • The circle charm is engraved with your actual fingerprint and measures 5/8"
  • The fingerprint has been enlarged to overlap the sides of the pendant to show more detail in the fingerprint 

    ♥ Fingerprint & Handwriting Information ♥

    • To send your fingerprint/handwriting, scan in or take a well-lit photo of your fingerprint/handwriting and upload your image(s) in the file upload box below.
    • Fingerprints/handwriting in black ink on a white background works best, but is not required.  
    • We have found that engraving the outline of the fingerprints produces the most detail rather than attempting to fill in all inked areas where we start to lose details because the lines are so close.  Please realize that fingerprint images will only have the outline engraved.
    • Thickness of the engraving on handwriting will depend on the thickness of the pen on your photo.  
    • Handwriting layout may be changed to fit on the pendant, but we will not alter the handwriting
    • Please realize that we may not be able to accommodate all personalization/layout requests.  

    If you have more than three images to upload for your piece, please contact us through the link below.  If we have any questions about your order details or image upload, we will contact you via email.

     Have a question? Need help ordering? click here. 

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