$ 20.00

This listing includes a 20mm stainless steel and glass locket. Inside the locket is an owl charm, pink rhinestone heart charm, and birthstone crystal charm. Pendant hangs on an stainless steel chain of your choosing. 

PLEASE NOTE: During shipment, it is possible for any engraved pieces to spin causing lettering to be upside down or sideways. It is also possible for the face of the locket to loosen during shipping and you should tighten the face before wearing to prevent the locket from opening and charms being lost. The face of each locket can be opened by turning it counterclockwise and the items inside can be adjusted before giving as a gift or as needed by the wearer. Lockets can also be added to or items changed out at any time. Please contact me if you would like additional engraved pieces, charms, or birthstones for your locket! 

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